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Bradley's View

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week In Review 8/13-8/19: Leadville 100 Pacing

    Racing- pretty exciting stuff.  Though I did none of my own this week, I certainly found myself caught up in enough of it to get excited about it!  The Transrockies Stage Race was in the area and I had the pleasure of following their course around with Luna and Anna for a couple of days while cheering for North Carolina representatives in Scott Williams and Jason Bryant.

     Just a couple of days ago the Leadville 100 and it's 1,000ish runners were in town- what an event!!  I was delighted to pace Matt Meckenstock for the last 40 miles- he would likely refute this compliment, but he had a heck of a day out there finishing stronger than just about anyone (he wasn't passed by anyone in the last 23 miles and he overtook at least 20 people?!).  Being a pacer myself, I realized it was something I will undoubtedly miss having at some point in the Run Rabbit Run 100 in a couple of weeks, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there...

     Many congratulations to friends new and old who completed the race, especially to Thomas for coming out and winning his first ever 100 in fine form and for having wicked cute kids!

8/13- Monday

8/14- Tuesday
        12 miles in BV, followed the Transrockies route out with Luna, cheered for a few folks, shared the return trip with Anna back to a swim in the river, 1:40, 1,000 ft

8/15- Wednesday
        15 miles, up Hope Pass (1 hour 8 minutes) with Luna, cheered for a few Transrockies folk coming over, met up with Anna and scooted up Hope Mountain (13,933 ft) and followed the CDT back to the lake before skirting around over to the Willis Gulch Trailhead, 3:10, 4,800 ft.

8/16- Thursday
       4.5 miles with Luna and Anna to and from Timberline Lake, :35, 800 ft

8/17- Friday

8/18- Saturday
        40 miles pacing Matt from Twin Lakes to the end of the Leadville 100.  10 hours, 4,000 ft

8/19- Sunday
       The above mentioned workout carried on into sunday for 3 hours and 46 minutes... :)

Totals:  71.5 miles, 15 hours 25 minutes, 10,600 ft

Scott and Jason on top of Hope Pass

Anna making the push up from Hope Pass to the top

The summit of Hope (13,933 ft)

Me and Donna are excited start pacing, Luna is less than happy about being left out

Me and Matt leaving the Fish Hatchery Aid Station (mile 77)

Matt shortly after finishing, the dude suffers beautifully!!


  1. Incredible week! Pacing 40 miles at Leadville is quite a feat itself!
    I registered for the 6-day Transrockies this year unfortunately my partner had to withdraw. My registration is deferred till next year so hopefully I'll be able to find someone to do the six days with me. Anyway.

  2. You should definitely take part in it next year! It seems like everyone has a blast and its a beautiful way to cover some beautiful terrain, I would gladly cheer you on!