Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Decalibron

      From Kite Lake, just outside of Alma, CO, there is a fantastic loop that takes you over the summits of Mt Democrat (14,148 ft), Mt Cameron (14,238 ft), Mt Lincoln (14,286 ft), and Mt Bross (14,172 ft).  The loop is widely known as The Decalibron.

      I had wanted to do this at some point during the summer, but those plans never came to fruition.  Next thing you know, you've got snow, ice, strong winds, and more enthusiasm than ever.  Luna and I met up with Mike and Sage in Frisco and headed a bit south to the trailhead.  The adventure was great, the route to first summit (Democrat) was easily the most hectic of the day, as it featured large patches of ice and a couple of feet of snow at times.  After the first summit the weather became more favorable as snow stopped blowing and the sun graced us with its rays every once in a while.

     The loop took us almost exactly three hours and is better described by this awesome video Sage complied than any words I can string together.  So here you are:

      It's always great to share the trails and mountains with these two humans, but little compares to the enthusiasm and vitality that Luna brings to every outing.  Love that dog.   

     Thanks for reading!

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