Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Friday, March 8, 2013


    We glanced at the weather forecast, it called for 65 and sunny for our weekend (Wed/Thurs).  A warm summer's day here in Leadville.  Off we went.  

     Niether Mel or myself had ever ventured to Moab, though we'd both heard and read our fair share about the wonders of the red rocks.  It was pretty clear to me that we could in no way pursue every arch, explore every canyon, follow each track left behind by a dinosaur(?!), but we could get a taste of the dessert.

    Our day started early Wednesday.  A little coffee and breakfast at Love Muffin, which I would highly recommend, and we were off.  

    Our first outing took us west about 10 miles from the town of Moab to the Corona Arch Trailhead.  The hike was great; unique, short, and accessible for many while still leading to an absolutely incredible place.

A step ladder for ascending the shelf on which the trail traverses.

The ladies and the arch


     A quick trip into Arches National Park felt like an obligation, almost.  Thats only because we had the dog along, otherwise the possibilities are endless in the area.  We were bound by the roads this time through.  The park encompasses a truly spectacular area of land.

     We sought a campsite up and east from town on Sand Flats Rd, home to mountain biking's infamous Slickrock Trail.  We picked a site, trying our best to find a suitable tree for blocking the wind.  Then we set off on the Slickrock Trail's Practice Loop for a fun run.

A nice view of the La Sal Mountains from the campsite

Follow the white blazes...

Luna admiring Negro Bill's Canyon (foreshadowing)
Me and Lu
     Lately Luna has really been a tough pup.  I'm glad she's my friend.   Check out this inspirational tale of a dude and a dog.

Rise and Shine.  Stretching it out at sunrise.
    Thursday, we followed Negro Bill's canyon back a couple of miles to Morning Glory Natural Bridge.  I enjoyed looking up towards the places we'd played and slept the day before.
Stream through the canyon.  Echo Point up at far left.

Morning Glory Natural Bridge
    Inspiration is everywhere.  I could never tire of life. 

    I'm also intrigued with the idea of doing canyoneering of some sorts:  Ideally, adventures could be designed that are done in the fastpack style, but feature ascents, downclimbs, and rappels that would require the use of a rope.  The intention would be to make large sweeping loops linking various canyons and otherwise unaccessible mesas.  I imagine that the inspirational melancholy of sitting alone atop a small mesa, looking out over the veins of the canyons that pump towards the life-giving rivers, would be second to none.

    This post will be the 100th since this blog was started nearly two and a half years ago.  I hope you have been able to take something positive away from at least one of these posts over that time.  

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