Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Additional R2R2R Photos

All of the following photos were taken by Ryan Kirsch on our overnight R2r2r excursion.

Una lagartija;
it's toil is nothing more than the pursuit of sunshine and the unending performance of push-ups

A Kaibab Squirrel, endemic to the north rim

The North Kaibab Trail

Me, trekking up the North Kaibab

The view from our campsite by night.

Me and Mike, he's only got about a mile of running to reach the north rim at this point.

Me, marching like an ant.


  1. Dammnnnnn! Nice blog Jon and I hope you have a safe trip out east. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. Whenever you make if back this way let me know... more adventures to come! -Jamie

    1. May the adventures never end, my friend! You're welcome in the east anytime, and I'll see you back that way before we know it!