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Bradley's View

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Weeks In Review 03/05-03/25

       Its been a while...  One week turns to two, two to three and here I am, finally, writing an update of the recent weeks in running.

      The past couple of weeks have been interesting for my body.  Recuperating from an 88 mile outing is something that is very new and has lead to a lot of learning. Most of which came through grinding through several aches and pains that gave way to a few frustrating runs.  I've attempted to remain consistent, and have, in running 5 days a week; but my milage remains a bit lower than I'd like it to be.  All in time, all in time...

      Over these weeks, however, I've had the pleasure of hiking with my mom, which doesn't happen often enough for me, exploring new trails at Hanging Rock State Park and Lake Norman State Park, and having a great time on the Seven Sister's Summits Run with the WNC Trailrunners, having my first encounter with Woods Mountain, and venturing up the Big Creek Trail.
      My intentions for the coming week(s) is to gain a lot of elevation while keeping tabs on how my body is feeling in order to ensure I'm in good health for the Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim and other adventures out west in a few short weeks with some folks from the WNC crew.
     Without further ado, the weeks in review:

03/05- Monday
    AM- 4 miles in :45 with Melissa and Luna around Winston-Salem, 1 mile barefoot

03/06- Tuesday
     AM- 7.5 miles at Hanging Rock State Park in 2:00.  First 1.3 hiking with the mom, Mel, and dogs.  Then I separated and ran out to Cook's Wall and back.  ~1,200 ft? (if anyone has a better estimate for this route, let me know)

03/07- Wednesday
     PM- 7.5 miles at Lake Norman State Park with Brandon in 1:00, 800 ft

03/08- Thursday

03/09- Friday
     AM- 6 miles in 1:20 with Mel and Luna. 74-A to FAC and back, 500 ft

03/10- Saturday

03/11- Sunday
      AM- 5.5 miles in :43 on MST from Sweeten Creek, 400 ft

Totals:  30.5 miles, 6 hours, 2,900 ft

03/12- Monday
      AM- 9.5 miles at WWC with Adam and Mike in 1:15, 1,000 ft

03/13- Tuesday
       PM- 9 miles with Adam in 1:07, 74-A to Sweeten Creek and back, 800 ft

03/14- Wednesday
       AM- 2 miles with Mel and Luna in the Linville Gorge Area in 45 minutes, 300 ft.  Great swim in the Linville River!

03/15- Thursday
      AM-  11 miles from FAC to Craven's Gap and back in 1:37, 2,200 ft

03/16- Friday

03/17- Saturday
     AM- Seven Sister's Summit Run with WNC Trailrunner crew, 15 miles 3 hours, 4,000 ft

03/18- Sunday

Totals:  46.5 miles, 7 hours 45 minutes, 8,300 ft

03/19- Monday
      AM- 9 miles with Adam in 1:05, Turkey Pen area, 1,000 ft- lots of swimming, too!

03/20- Tuesday

03/21- Wednesday
      AM- 14 miles up and down Woods Mountain from Woodlawn Park in 3:00, 4,000 ft

03/22- Thursday

03/23- Friday
      PM- 8 miles in 1:20 with Adam from Children's Home to Rock 2 Rock 10k course. 1,200 ft

03/24- Saturday
     AM- 18 miles with Brandon in North Mills River Area, up Big Creek Trail to MST and back down.  3:30, 4,025 ft

03/25- Sunday
    PM- 5 miles, 45 minutes at Azalea Park, 2 miles barefoot

Totals: 54 miles, 9 hours, 10,400 ft

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