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Bradley's View

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Week In Review: 6/18-6/24, Incredible Summits, Incredible Folks

    Well that was it, one of the most physically demanding weeks of training I've ever undergone- and I feel great!!

     I made occasion to summit Galena Mountain, which has captivated my imagination, towering over Turquoise Lake, since we first drove into Leadville.  I scooted up Mosquito Pass, familiarizing myself with the route of Leadville's Marathon and Half Marathon.  I got to scope out some of the Ten Mile Range for the Ten Mile Traverse (hopefully in a couple of weeks), heading up to Peak One and hanging out with a mountain goat.  To top it off I got to spend 35 miles running on the Colorado Trail, and sharing a good chunk of that with friends new and old!

     Without further ado, the week in review:

6/18- Monday- 
        AM- 9 miles up and down La Plata via the standard route. 1:40 for the ascent, 2:47 total, extra mile afterward to retrieve my stashed key... 4,500 ft
        PM- 3 miles with Mel on the FitTrail at the college, :40, 300 ft

6/19- Tuesday
        PM-  11 miles, up Mosquito Pass from Diamond Mine (:54 ascent, including wrong turn to reach ridge about .5 miles from pass, enjoyed running above 13,000 ft :), then out to Lake Isabella, 2:00, 3,000 ft

6/20- Wednesday
        AM- 8 miles up and down Galena with James from Timberline Lake Trailhead, 1:25 ascent, 2:30 total (including 15 minutes sitting at summit), 3,000 ft
       Some great folks camping at the trailhead had just fixed pancakes and bacon and invited us to join them for breakfast- how could you say no?!

6/21- Thursday
        PM- 10 miles on CT from S. Cottonwood Creek, 1:22, 1,300 ft (3 miles of about 6:30 on the return trip, felt awesome, hot weather)

6/22- Friday
        AM-   8 miles round trip up to Peak One's saddle from Frisco, where at 12,200 ft I decided not to summit at the request of a mountain goat...  1:00 to goat, 1:30 total, 3,200 ft
6/23- Saturday

6/24- Sunday
       AM- 25 miles on the CT from Twin Lakes to Hagerman Pass Rd with Josh, Donna, Sandi, and Cato.  I had a blast getting together and running with some new faces!  5 hours, 5,000 ft
Totals:   75 miles, 15 hours 15 minutes, 20,300 ft.
Summit of La Plata
Looking north from La Plata over Ellingwood Ridge

Looking at Mt Massive after breaching treeline on Galena

Looking towards home over Bear Lake and Turquoise Lake from Galena

St Kevin's Lake nestled snugly in Galena's embrace.

Looking north from Galena's summit with Mount of the Holy Cross beckoning...

Soaring down her grassy slopes.

Colorado Columbine flourishing above the trees on Galena.

Came within 5 feet of this fella before I realized he was just to my left.
Decided to give him his space.

Curious as could be; coming close and backing off,
I'd say we were mesmerized by each other

My brother on the mountain posing next to his mountain and home.

Me posing with said goat's mountain.

Sunday's crew after about an hour of running (Josh, Cato, Donna, and Sandi).

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