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Bradley's View

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Week In Review: 6/25-7/1

     Still running strong, and most importantly still feeling about 100% healthy!  This makes for an exciting time with a lot of great runs planned in the near future and a 50 mile race less than a month away!
      I was delighted to summit the southernmost high peak of the Sawatch Range on Monday in good company.  Had the pleasure of summiting Colorado's highest peak twice this past week on what proved to be epic outings.  

     I have become really comfortable with my ability to hike with haste and manage technical descents efficiently- I'm truly blessed to be in a setting that allows both of those to be practiced so easily.  My only concern regarding my fitness level is with respect to my ability to run... I mean, spending nearly all of my running time on steep ascents often well above 10,000 ft certainly has its benefits, but I've lost a bit of confidence in my ability to keep my legs turning over for hours on end, but this will be put to the test at the Grand Mesa 50 in a couple of weeks.  

     I was able to put up a really strong, speedy effort on Mt Elbert via the North Elbert Trailhead that gave me an unwavering confidence boost.  

     The week in review:

6/25- Monday
     Rested from yesterday's 5 hour effort

6/26- Tuesday
      9.5 miles up and down Mt Shavano (14,229 ft) with Sandi, 2:04 to summit, 3:15 total, 4,600 ft

6/27- Wednesday
       3 miles barefoot on the football field, :25

6/28- Thursday
       7.5 miles with Josh on the Fish Hatchery Loop (Highline, CT, Rock Creek)  :35 to CT, :52 to Rock Creek, 1:14 total, 1,400 ft

6/29- Friday
       PR on Elbert from North Elbert Trailhead, 1:24 to summit, 2:09:34 round-trip.  Couldn't have felt better about this outing- stopped to chat plenty, could definitely shave off an easy 5 minutes... 4,500 ft

6/30- Saturday
      No excuse for taking this off, really...

7/01- Sunday
      11 miles, South Elbert Trail to summit, caught up with Sandi about 20 minutes from summit, summited in 1:20, followed Black Cloud Trail staying above 13,800 for nearly 2 miles, ending with a super-steep descent ~5,000 ft in 3.5 miles(?!) before meeting Melissa at the trailhead, 3:40 total time, 5,200 ft

Totals:   40 miles, 10 hours 45 minutes, 15,700 ft

Looking back East towards Salida while approaching Shavano's ridge.

Look west from Shavano's ridge

Sandi makes the final push to the summit.

At 14,229

Beautiful stretch of trail on the descent, Shavano in the back, Sandi running

Heading up the South Elbert Trail, looking down on Twin Lakes

A glance towards Mt Massive from Elbert's summit.

Me and La Plata from the saddle of Elbert and South Elbert

Family reunion!  Luna has made it to Colorado, playing fetch in Timberline Lake.

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