Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Week In Review: 7/9-7/15, Inspired By Hardrock

      After the manifestation of unfortunate ailments the previous week, I decided it was in my best interest to give myself a few days rest.  Three days off in a row was something that I hadn't afforded myself in some time, but I think it paid off and I'm feeling strong again.

      This weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most inspirational events imaginable- the Hardrock 100 in Silverton, CO.  Arguably the most difficult 100 in the country, it quickly captured my imagination and I am very hopeful that I will be among the 10% whose name are chosen in the lottery for next year's race.  

      Bearing witness to such awe-inspiring efforts on such beautiful terrain as the Hardrock 100 course really got me excited about the Grand Mesa 50 that I'll be running in a couple of weeks.

      Meeting up with Brandon and Hannah was a treat, as was getting to share our new home with them.  Brandon, Luna and I shared a few great runs including a summit of Mt Massive.

       Anywho, the week in review:

7/9- Monday
        5 miles in an attempted summit of Missouri, thwarted by thunderstorms, 1:25, 3000 ft

7/10- Tuesday

7/11- Wednesday
7/12- Thursday

7/13- Friday
          10 miles of the Hardrock course with Brandon and Sandi from Grouse Gulch to Handies Peak (14,087 ft) and back.  Really great run on incredible trail. 3:20, 5000 ft

7/14- Saturday
          7.5 miles with Brandon and Luna, fish hatchery loop, 1:20, 1,500 ft

7/15- Sunday
          14 miles with Brandon and Luna up Mt Massive via the CT/Mt Massive Trailhead, and descending the backside to North Halfmoon Lakes Trail.  5:00, 5,000 ft

Totals:  36.5 miles, 11 hours, 14,500 ft

Up from Grouse Gulch outside Silverton

Sandi and Brandon on some picturesque singletrack

Up on the first pass with Handies and the sun rising behind me

Brandon heading up the first pass

Sandi, myself, and Brandon on the summit of Handies (14,087 ft)

Me and Luna running the last of the ridge to Massive's summit

Us and Brandon on Massive
View from Massive's hindside

Brandon and L.D on the North Halfmoon Lakes trail


  1. Sounds like an epic week! love the photos.

  2. Looking good, Jon, looking good...