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Bradley's View

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Week In Review: 7/2-7/8

    At the beginning of the previous week's "Week In Review" I stated that I was feeling about 100% healthy.  Now this is a glorious thing to proclaim, for obvious reasons, but I could scarcely have been more asinine in my blatant taunting of the universe and, thus, I sit with ice on my shin as I type...

    I'm scarcely shaken; though it has bothered me the past three days I trust that it will heal pretty quickly if I give it attention- its something that has come and gone innumerable times in the past.

     Anyways, to kick off the week Melissa and I had the pleasure of meeting up with our friends of old Brandon and Hannah, who were so gracious as to bring our beloved pup, Luna, with them on their way out west.  The reunion was glorious, as expected, and Brandon and I got in a sweet run on the La Luz Trail in Albuquerque.

     Being back with Luna has been outstanding, not to mention humbling with regards to my running, and she seems to be acclimating quite well to the elevation and welcoming to the lack of heat and humidity way up here.

     The Ten Mile Traverse was a truly unique and spectacular experience.  I would love to do this every week!  (Follow the link for pictures and a brief write-up)

     I'm really looking forward to this coming week (but whats new?) as I hope to squeeze in some high mountain summits before and after work early in the week before heading to Silverton on Thursday to cheer for and support the fortunate few racing the Hardrock 100.

    Here she is, the week in review:

7/2- Monday
        15 miles on the La Luz Trail (Albuquerque) with Brandon. 1:50 on the ascent and 1:30 on the way down. 3,750 ft

7/3- Tuesday
        Long day at the coffee shop

7/4- Wednesday
        10 miles with Luna on the Boulder's trail in 1:20, 1,800 ft

7/5- Thursday
         Ten Mile Traverse with Jeremy and James in 6:15, 8,500 ft

7/6- Friday
         6 miles with Luna in Buena Vista up toward Midland Hill, thwarted by thunderstorms before the summit, :55 minutes, 1,100 ft

7/7- Saturday
         7 miles around and to the football field (3 miles barefoot) and back to the house, 1:00, 400 ft

7/8- Sunday
         12 miles in the backyard.  1:55, 1,800 ft

Totals: 64 miles, 14 hours 40 minutes, 17,300 ft

Me and Brandon on the La Luz Trail (Photo B. Thrower)
A rocky road to the ridge... (Photo B. Thrower)

Me and Brandon "Golden Calves" Thrower on Sandia's crest (Photo woman with border collie)

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