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Bradley's View

Monday, September 3, 2012

Week In Review 08/27- 09/02: Scouting And Dragon's Tails

    Familiarizing my feet with some of the Run Rabbit Run 100 course will prove invaluable in about 11 days time.  Steamboat is a really beautiful area.  This race is going to be pretty darn tough.  That is what a I learned on my trip to Steamboat Springs.  I brought my camera, but did not take any pictures- maybe I'll take some during the race... Not likely though...

    The Week In Review:

Monday 8/27-

Tuesday 8/28-
         Visited the Denver Aquarium, doesn't count as a workout, but it certainly exercised awesomeness!

Wednesday 8/29-
        AM- 18 miles up Buffalo Pass Rd, out on the CDT to Long Lake and back on Fish Creek Reservoir jeep road (all part of the 100 course), 3:20, 1,500 ft.   This run sucked, I made the slow rocky drive up Buff Pass only to realize I had a total of literally 8 ounces of water in the 5 different water bottles in my car, combine that with 18 miles and temperatures above 80 degrees, and you have yourself a longgg last 5 miles.  I guess feeling miserable was very practical practice for the upcoming race...
        PM- 10 miles up and down the Spring Creek Trail (both directions are part of the course), 1:30, 2,000 ft

Thursday 8/30- 
      5 miles out and back to Rabbit Ears Pass, 1:00, 800 ft

Friday 8/31- 
      7 miles up and down Mt Sherman with Luke, Luna, and Luna, 2:00, 3,300 ft

Saturday 9/01- 

Sunday 9/02-
      10 miles up the Boulders Trail and down Elk Run with Luna, 1:30, 1,800 ft

Totals:  51 miles, 9 hours 20 minutes, 9,400 ft

This is what it feels like when I run downhill, except I only have one strand of hair flowing behind me.

Which brings me to this...

This is what my "dragon tail" looks like to me....
This is what the untrained eye believes it is...
Either way, will the "hundred mile braid" become extinct after the race?
Only time (and possibly my wife) can tell

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