Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week In Review 9/3-9/9: Its Showtime!

     Well, here it is, the race is a mere two days away- my first 100 miler!  Excited, nervous, and ready, are three good ways to describe how I'm feeling right now.  I've had a super fun week with beautiful, easy runs, and culminating with a nice hike up Mt Elbert.  

      It has been such a treat to have my parents come from North Carolina to visit us here in Leadville.  Its been a truly fantastic experience, which has loaded me up with all the more appreciation for the slice of country in which I'm situated and the cozy towns that surround me.  

      Ma and Mel went horseback riding, while me, Dad, and Luna scooted up Elbert.  We then drove through the whimsical autumn colors up, up, up and over Independence Pass before nestling into camp in the Maroon Bells Wilderness.  We had the pleasure of seeing a mama bear and three cubs while we were in Aspen, too!  The next morning we coaxed ourselves out of our sleeping bags to go enjoy a cup of tea/coffee while witnessing the rising sun shining it's light on the Maroon Bells over Maroon Lake.  Once at the lake we were greeted by three moose!  The rest of the day was spent hopping around the Fryingpan River outside of Basalt, CO, trying to figure out where they kept the fish- but to no avail...  Our drive then took us north through Glenwood Springs as we looped our way back home, to Leadville. 

     Now the time is upon me to pack my drop bags, brief my crew, and figure out what I'm going to wear for the race.  I'd really rather not have to think about it, though, and just get out there and run!

     The race starts at 1:00 PM Colorado time, feel free to track my progress online here

Monday 9/3-
        Went mountain biking for the first time ever. It. Was. Awesome!  Will do it again before winter descends.

Tuesday 9/4-
         14 miles with Andy and Luna up the hills in the backyard(Ball Mtn photo at bottom), 2:20, 3,000 ft

Wednesday 9/5-

Thursday 9/6-
        9 miles with Sandi and Luna on the CDT (north) from Cottonwood Pass, 1:40, 2,000 ft

Friday 9/7-
        5 miles with Mel and Luna alongside Twin Lakes, :50, 600 ft

Saturday 9/8-

Sunday 9/9- 
       9 miles up and down Mt Elbert with dad and Luna, 3:15 ascent, 5:00 total, 4,000 ft

Totals: 37 miles, 9 hours 50 minutes, 9,600 ft

The ladies went horseback riding.

Me and dad on top of Elbert
Luna earned her snacks

Rocky Mountain high

A pair of moose cows on Maroon Lake

A bull as well.
Me, Mel, and my folks in front of the bells and Maroon Lake

Christmas card?

Luna enjoying the view

We fished the fryingpan

A hoppin' good time!

The view from the side of Ball Mountain (~12,300 ft)


  1. I'll be tracking your progress, Jon! Have fun and be safe!

  2. Good luck and have fun! I noticed you switched races -- kinda bummed, selfishly, as I was hoping to run with you in the Turtle Race early, if I had a really good day and we started out easy...

    But I'm not as healthy as I'd like for the race I wanted, and you certainly have the training to be ready for a stellar race in either're going to have a great first 100! See you in Steamboat!

  3. wow love all the pics. So glad you are enjoying family and wildlife. What fun.........We are praying for you Jon.......Love ya MIL and FIL............