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Bradley's View

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week In Review 10/22-10/28: Boulder Basic

      I ran both further and faster than I typically do on my runs this past week.  The body feels strong and has recovered better than anticipated.  I'm excited for runs to come, most notably the week I'll spend in the Seattle area/Olympic Peninsula in early November!

       With plans of heading to Boulder in mind, I contacted a couple of folks in the area to see what was happening in the running world and as steered towards the Boulder Basic.  I asked how long the run would be and where it would go and the reply was "we'll know when we get there", and I was sold.  Arriving at the start there were probably 40 people dressed to kill, with traction systems in tow excited to tackle the backyard trails.  I met up with Jason, Jenny, and Ethan, and we ended up getting going about 20 minutes or so after the group, but it wasn't too long until we caught up to folks.  The prescribed route featured summits of Flagstaff, Green, and Bear, the later of which we elected to cut out for the sake of time.  We slid through snow and splashed through slush, and had a hell of a time. 

       The event felt like a bit of a homecoming with the casual atmosphere, the excitement, laughter, and camaraderie so reminiscent of my much-missed WNC Trailrunners.  Its always a blast to get out with a group of friends and familiar faces (many of whom had patronized the coffee shop at somepoint this summer).

Week In Review: 

Monday 10/22-
        5 miles around town before work, :40, 300 ft

Tuesday 10/23-
        12 miles out-and-back around Turquoise Lake with Luna, 1:35, 600 ft

Wednesday 10/24-
        15 miles on the CT with Travis, Luke, and Lunas north from Timberline TH, 4:00, 2,500 ft

Thursday 10/25-
         17 miles with Sandi on the east side of BV, 2:45, 2,000 ft

Friday 10/26-

Saturday 10/27-
         Boulder Basic (alternate route) with Jason, Jenny, and Ethan, 3:00, 3,000 ft

Sunday 10/28-
         8 miles in circles on the college's fit trail, 1:00, 500 ft

Totals:  70 miles, 12 hours, 8,900 ft

Boulder's Flatirons Saturday morning.

Luna is thinking of taking up a new sport...
I hope she'll continue with recreational jogging.

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