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Bradley's View

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weeks In Review: Sailing, Yaleing, etc...

     The last few weeks have been wonderful.  I'm glad that I have stayed healthy and enthusiastic to the point of being able to enjoy the last of the autumn weather.  The snow is poised to settle in any week now.  Some of my favorite trails are already starting to build up banks, but I look forward to running on the groomed ski trails when I'm not out skiing them.

      We had the pleasure of getting out on a sailboat in Twin Lakes a couple of times.  How often do you get to sail in front of 14,000 ft peaks?  Awesome.
Mel and Elbert

Mind the boom.  If it catches you off-guard, your head will hurt.

        About a month ago I reverted back to vegetarianism and have been having a blast in the kitchen and feeling really great both on the trails and in day-to-day activities.  
         Meanwhile, Luna enjoys playing fetch (duh) and has been learning some new tricks.  

      This past week Luna and I headed up Mt. Yale, which may be our final trip up a 14er without skis this year.  I believe that puts me at having summited 10 different 14ers since heading out to Colorado in May, and about 25 total trips up beyond the mystical 14,000 ft mark.

        I think I can safely say that the wind experienced on Yale's ridge was the fiercest I've ever endured.  I maintained three points of contact through most of the scrambling to the summit so as not to get blown over.

Luna looking out towards the Three Apostles about 1,000 ft shy of Yale's summit.

Looking north from Yale's Ridge at Colombia (center) and Harvard (left)

The wind blew me off-balance before the timer clicked.

Contemplating the snow-covered north slopes as a means of dodging the winds.

A little catching up to do, so here's some weeks in review:

9/24- 9/30 (Devil Mtn 50k week): 54 miles, 12 hours, 9,600 ft

10/1-10/7  (Four Passes Loop week): 55 miles, 12 hours 30 minutes, 13,000 ft

10/8-10/14 (Welcome, Winter 50k week): 55 miles, 11 hours 40 minutes, 10,300 ft

10/15-10/21 (Just another week): 60 miles, 11 hours, 11,000 ft

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