Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


     It's been a while since I posted anything on here, but it isn't because I haven't been doing anything...  After hiking, I headed out to the Outer Banks to spend some time with Melissa, where I familiarized myself with surfing, read lots of good books, and worked at a coffeeshop briefly.  
     Shortly thereafter, I received a proposition to return to Leadville and resume my role at City On A Hill Coffee & Espresso.  I thought of Colorado summers, exciting happenings in the coffee business, and the general peace of mind equated with a low-key low-maintenence low-income area like Leadville, and that was that. 
     I got back to Leadville two weeks ago.  It's felt a bit like picking up where last summer left off.  The summits make me feel alive.  I run ridges and smile so much that my face hurts.  
     I foresee a lot of high peaks in the future.  But, right now, I am sitting in the Denver Airport (my flight is delayed) getting ready to fly to Minnesota for a 10 day paddling trip in Quetico Provincial Park.
      Meanwhile, Matt is putting up an incredible effort on his <60 day AT-hike.  

The Three Apostles, seen from Mt. Huron's southern ridge.

Jason ascending Kelso Ridge

Kelso Ridge

Kelso Ridge

View of Torrey's from near Gray's summit.

Preparing to glissade.

Yeah.(Photo J.Antin)

Photos: J.Antin


  1. awwww yeah! Nothing better than a quick 14'er on a summer evening! Especially when you see a golden retriever with horns!

  2. ha, I knew you wouldn't be able to survive at the beach. Wish I could live in Colorado.