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Bradley's View

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ten Mile Traverse: Ver. 1.9

     Every day I am inspired by the sight of a distant peak, a story I hear, or a dream that wakes me in a jubilant whimsy.  Yesterday, however, I elected to embark on the Ten Mile Traverse.  It was a route I completed last year, and one I hope to visit at least once a year for a long, long time.  Sandi and Sage met me in Frisco just as the alpenglow was gracing peaks in it's most becoming light.  We started from Mike's house and ran to the trailhead and began the longest climb of a long day of climbing.

     It has been several months, but sharing a day in the hills with Sandi and Sage was a pleasure, as always.  The scrambling prevalent between peaks two and four was uncharted territory for them, but they handled it with the strength and poise that guides them through every bit of life.

    I titled this post Ten Mile Traverse: Version 1.9 since I didn't actually summit peak 10 this time around.  Ominous clouds began making their presence known as we ascended peak 9.  Being without a layer, I knew I would be in for a cold descent and a cold busride if I delayed and let the hail and rain catch me.  We reached the saddle of peaks 9 and 10 about 6 hours and 40 minutes into the outing, at which point I began the dash down the gravel road and ski slopes to the Breckenridge Transit Station.  It was a good days work.

    I hope to continue with these Wednesday adventures.  Few people spend their Wednesday mornings on the trails, it turns out.  And I, thankfully, have great friends who also don't work 9-5s.  Next Wednesday I look forward to joining Eric and Troy for a 54 mile day as they dig deep in an effort to set a new Colorado Trail Speed Record!

Sandi, crushing.

Sage running up Peak One

View from Peak 3

Pick a line, any line...
Head in the clouds on Peak Two

Little exposure en route to Peak 3

Sage en route to slaying the Dragon

Scrambling the ridge between Three and Four

Sage and Sandi summiting Peak Four

Enjoying solid ground around Peak Five

Marching the steep grades up Peak Nine

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  1. Awesome pictures! It was great going on adadventure with you again! :)