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Bradley's View

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Week In Review: 12/12-12/18

     I've gotten in a really fun week of running while working a few hours at the Black Mountain Running Company, graduating from college, and spending some quality time with a while lot of family: immediate, in-laws, and out-laws alike.  So here's the recap:

12/12- Monday
    AM- 7 miles in 1:10 at Salem Lake with the dad and Luna
     PM- 5.5 miles in 40 minutes around Lake Tomahawk with Luna

12/13- Tuesday
   PM- .55 miles... Should have eaten after trying to run...

12/14- Wednesday
    AM- 9 miles in 1:12 at Bent Creek/Arboretum with Luna.  Great morning workout, finished strong.

12/15- Thursday
    AM- 2.5 miles around the Black Balsam area with Mel and Luna in about 30 minutes.
    Later in the AM- 2.5 miles on the MST from Elk Pasture Gap in 15:30

Mel on the move!

Someones in a hurry...

12/16- Friday
     PM- ~6 miles in 51 minutes with Adam at the Blue Ridge Assembly.  Climbtastic, mudilacious, and funboyant.

12/17- Saturday
    AM- Graduation!
Got it!

12/18- Sunday
    PM- ~14 miles at Salem Lake in 1:50 with Luna.  First loop in :56, second in :54.  Good even effort.  The Inov-8s became less agreeable as the run went on.  IT-Bands were unhappy...

 47 miles, ~6 hours 30 minutes

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