Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Week In Review: 2/13-2/19/2012: New PR(s)!

      An ideal mix of hard running with easy-going runs.  Lots of great weather and beautiful scenery.  Really psyched about how Wednesday's long run went; I felt I managed nutrition really well and was able to move at a pretty good clip late in the run.  I feel ready for Rhode Island, no doubt, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat!

2/13- Monday
     AM- 8 miles with Adam and Mike on the MST and up Busbee in 1:05.  1,100 ft
     PR: Busbee ascent in 15:10, over a minute faster than previous timed effort!      

2/14- Tuesday
     AM- 7.5 miles with Melissa and Luna on the Sandy Bottoms 12k Loop in 1:20.  800 ft

2/15- Wednesday
     AM-  31 miles around Bent Creek and north on the MST to meet Adam for the final 8. Great day's work, huge confidence boost- left me feeling ready for the 77 miler next week in Rhode Island!  3,700 ft.
     PR: Probably on all of these as far as trails are concerned.  Certainly the marathon and 50k times, though.
    Splits: 13.1 miles- 1:49, 21- 2:55, 26.2- 3:37, 31- 4:10

2/16- Thursday
     AM-  5 miles in 1:00 with Mel and Luna.  Bushwhacked a while up to the summit of Cold Knob ~3,656(?) only to discover a trail on the other side of the summit... oops... It was a blast!  ~800 ft

2/17- Friday
      Resting?  Laziness?

2/18- Saturday
      Unfortunate last minute confusion led to missing the WNC Trailrunner's Rattle My Heart 50k and I think I was too caught up in moping about it to actually get out for a run before I headed off to work..

2/19- Sunday
     AM- 4 miles in 31:20 at UNCA.  300 ft

Totals: 56 miles, 8 hours 6 minutes, 6,700 ft

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