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Bradley's View

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Runs for Relief: Rhode Island

     After a lot of diligent work between myself and Rob Rives (see Art Loeb Trail and Mt. Pisgah Marathon) I feel confident and comfortable to share this project with the multitude of few people that view my blog.

     As you have gathered over the days or months that you've glanced at this blog, I really enjoy running, and its likely that you do too. I believe that the benefits of running to a person's health and sanity are undeniable and to be embraced whole-heartedly.  So, not to sound mushy or preachy but, when I think "whole-heartedly" the scope of thought immediately extends beyond myself and thus arises the question, "How can my pursuit of my passion benefit others?"

    Ta-da!  Runs For Relief is born.  Well, I must digress; Rob and I share many commonalities, the most relevant of which are as follows: 1) We are both blessed with a gift for running (arguable), and  2) We are both cursed by a disease called psoriasis (irregardlessly in-negotiable).  Last month, Rob proposed that I drive up north and meet him to run across Rhode Island, with no hesitation I agreed.  After a bit more discussion it came to our attention that an excursion like this could be a launching point for something greater...

     Ta-da x2!  Runs For Relief is born as a benefit project for the National Psoriasis Foundation.  We will be raising awareness of the often-misunderstood disease that we share with 7.5 million other Americans while raising research funds to support the projects of the National Psoriasis Foundation.

     In summary, we are going to run ~55 miles across Rhode Island on February 27th, we will run across other states in the name of psoriasis research, and we would love your support ("like" us on facebook, follow our blog, make a donation, or just tell us what you think of the project)!

     Thanks for checking in!

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