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Bradley's View

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Week In Review: 1/23/12-1/29/2012

     It turns out that whenever I think I've learned something about how to manage my running and training everything gets flipped sidedown-up, causing me to reevaluate.  Here is the situation:  I dragged myself through 27 miles last week with a sore shin, then turn out 70 miles this week that, though not free of shin pain, were 100% enjoyable.  Strange.  And now my shin feels as if its healing.  Stranger...

     Digits:   5- miles not run on trails, 20- about how many miles were run at over 5,000 ft, 3- days on this January week I ran shirtless, 1- month until Run For Relief: Rhode Island!

1/23- Monday
       AM- 6.5 miles on the trails around UNCA, 50 minutes, ~700 ft

       PM-4 miles around W. Asheville with Luna, ~30 minutes, ~120 ft

1/24- Tuesday
       AM- 7.5 miles in Shining Rock Wilderness/Art Loeb Trail with Mel (for some) and Luna.  1:25, ~1200 ft

1/25- Wednesday
        PM-  11 miles in 1:36 on MST.  Folk Art Center to Craven's Gap and back.  2080 ft

1/26- Thursday
        AM- 1 mile, 200 ft on treadmill.  Shin felt unprecedentedly terrible; may have jumped up the incline and speed too quickly, but either way I didn't see it practical to continue with this workout.  6 miles biking, 1 hour yoga.  Icing 3-4 times a day, maintaining compression when possible, too.  Really hoping to heal this thing.

1/27- Friday
       PM- 8 miles (2 barefoot), 1 hour, ~200 ft? with Adam and Luna at and around Azalea Park

1/28- Saturday
       AM- 32 miles in 5:45 with Mike, 4000 ft to and from the summit of Mt Mitchell.  Great run, took it easy, the shin felt great later on in the run and continues to feel pretty good as I write this post.  Couldn't be more delighted!

1/29- Sunday

Totals:  70 miles, 11 hours, ~8,500 ft


  1. Looks like you had a nice run on Saturday man! Hate that you didn't get to join us in the gorge, but the running was at a minimal for sure for our adventure. What route did you take up at Mitchell to get in 32 miles?

  2. It was a beauuuutiful day for being in the mountains, no doubt! We did the Challenge course minus the concrete, for the most part.