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Bradley's View

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Week In Review: 12/26/11-1/1/2012

     So, this week's milage was cut back a little more than anticipated.  This was primarily due to my nagging shin-stress; it had been slightly present since I started running in the Inov-8 Roclite 285s.  Midway through the week, however, I switched to my New Balance 101's, which, despite having over 500 miles and little tread left on the mid/forefoot, have never failed me.  Since that the shin pain has gotten about 70% better.
     The second reason for the cut back is that I nixed a 13+ mile run (Commissary Ridge back to Montreat 1/1/12).  In Luna's prancing around the woods after the New Year's Eve campout at Mount Mitchell, she sliced one of her paws open and was bleeding pretty heavily.  I ended up driving back down with Mel so she could sit with Luna and maintain pressure on the injury.  Luna is hopping on three legs at present, but hopefully she won't disrupt the scabbing/healing process too much and she can be back on the trails in a couple of weeks.
   This is how it all shaped up:

12/26- Monday

      AM- 4 miles running (~30 minutes) and a couple more hiking with Luna, Mel, Brit, Mama(dog), and Papa Rose.  Took a nice spill on some ice with bruises to show for it.  Shin is aggravated.

12/27- Tuesday
      14 hours of driving...

12/28- Wednesday
     PM- 4.5 miles in 40 minutes with the Black Mountain Running Company's Hump Day running group.

12/29- Thursday
    AM- 5 miles with Mel and Luna around Warren Wilson in 50 minutes

12/30- Friday
    AM- Grocery Run- 2 miles in 18 minutes

12/31- Saturday
    PM-  Montreat (turn-around at top of Appalachian Way) to Commissary Ridge (Mount Mitchell State Park), ~13 miles- 1:15 to the Parkway, 2:06 to the ridge.  An extra ~4.5 around the park (total running time 2:55) before grabbing my camping gear from the car at Steppe's Gap.

   Decided to take my first day off of the year!

    On a whole, I'm pretty delighted with the week's work.  The shin has improved, the IT-Bands aren't so in my face as they once were.  I felt really strong on almost all of the runs.  I look forward to seeing how it carries over to this weekend's Tanawha Marathon!

Totals:  33 miles, 5 hours 10 minutes

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  1. Sorry to hear about Luna. Uwharrie also sustained an injury (more of a bruised ego) that kept her from running ALTAR this year. Happy 2012.