Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Week In Review: 1/9/12-1/15/2012

     This has without a doubt been another great week of training.  Its always a delight to get out in the hills with Mel and Luna a couple of times during the week.  Thursday's trip to the Foothills Trail allowed us to do some invaluable re-con for March's traverse.  The bit of speedwork on Wednesday felt great and I recovered well.  Doing back to back double digits this weekend was a new and important experience.  I felt like my body handled the short recovery period pretty well (not as well as Luna's!) and was blessed with beautiful weather, though a little chilly at times, for both of those excursions.  So here it is, the week in review:

1/9- Monday
      AM- 4 miles at UNCA in ~35 minutes.  1 on the treadmill and 3 barefoot just inside of the track.   0 vert
      PM-  3 miles to the video store and home with Luna, 27 minutes, 100 ft

1/10- Tuesday
      AM- 4.5 miles in 1:00 in Montreat with Mel and Luna.  Lookout Trail to Rattlesnake Mountain, Rainbow Road up Rainbow Mountain and down Rainbow Road to the parking area. 1,076 ft

1/11- Wednesday
     AM- ~8.5 with Luna on the MST in :58.  862 ft
              74-A to Sweeten Creek: 30:29
              Double track and back: 20:01

1/12- Thursday
      AM- 5.5 miles with Mel and Luna on the Foothills Trail at Whitewater Falls in 1:20. ~600 ft

1/13- Friday
      100 pushups, 50 dips, 30 pull-ups, 8.5 minutes of planks

       PM- 18 miles at Warren Wilson with Luna in 2:13.  Met up with Adam and Scott for the final 8 in 62 minutes.  ~450 ft

1/15- Sunday
       PM- 18 miles in Bent Creek with Luna in 2:20.  Definitely fatigued from yesterday for the first 9 or 10, but was really able to pick it up for the remainder.  ~3500 ft

Totals: 61.5 miles, 8 hours 53 minutes, ~6588 ft vertical

This doesn't to any justice to the grandeur of Whitewater Falls  

Gal on the go

Babe on a bridge

This place rocks... Ha..ha.ha..


  1. Nice week man! You are gonna rock Rhode Island. Isn't it nice when you find those pretty women on the Foothills trail? Can't wait for you guys to come north!

    1. Whoa, what happened on Friday the 13th? I'll tell you what happened: you emasculated me.

      Good work, keep it steady... Come March you'll be ready.

    2. Nice weekend man! I did two double digit runs as well, but each were about about 6 miles less than yours and you ran both of yours 18 milers in about the same time! You are killing it man!

    3. Rob- So nice. RI is going to be a blast!

      Matt- Good rhyme. I didn't want to risk running on such an ominous day, so I had to occupy myself with somthing.

      Brandon- The back to back big ones is a pretty sweet test, eh? Be seeing you at Sultan this weekend?

    4. Oh yea man! Can't wait! Hoping for a sub-6 hour finish. You'll be sub 5:30 for sure.