Bradley's View

Bradley's View

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Vertic-ALE Mile

     The name of this run alone is enough to raise eyebrows, the intention of the run is something to surely befuddle the most understanding of minds, while the actualization and execution of such an event is enough to make your stomach churn... no really.

     Rick did a fantastic job organizing the event, measuring the course, and inciting enthusiasm in all parties involved, can't thank him enough!   Here is how the Vertic-ALE Mile works:  You find a hill that is a mile long, the more difficult the better, you get four beers above 5.0% ABV (no light/lite beers), you consume one as quickly as possible at the starting line (bottom of the hill) with some of your closest friends, then run a 1/4 mile, consume another, another 1/4 mile, then another, another 1/4 mile then another, and then push yourself up the final 1/4 mile climb attempting to keep your stomach's contents in place.

      This edition of the competition took place at Bearwallow Mountain, the course ran a gravel road for the first 3/4 of a mile before (after the 4th beverage) turning into an insanely steep cow pasture (20+% grade?!) and arriving at the terminus.  The mile gains about 663 ft of vertical, whew!

     The event ran smoothly with belches echoing throughout the woods, 5 dogs dogging around (Luna's first run in a while!!), and hard up-hill running.  Everyone in attendance greatly exceeded expectations, finishing without emptying their stomachs and in, what seem to be, incredibly respectable times for such an event!  We didn't really know how it was going to shape up as Tim, Adam, and I had run 27 miles and Brandon threw down a burly 20 the day before but I was able to pull off a second place finish in this one.  I can say with the utmost confidence that the keys to success in this event are: 1) Being able to run uphill, 2) Being able to belch out enough carbonation in between quarter miles to make room for the upcoming beverage.

I emerge from the mist.  Luna takes flight!?

     Here are the standings of the top 5 finishers, I'm not sure what everyone else's finish times were...

    1) Tim- 11:58
    2) Jon(me)-12:48
    3) Adam- 14:12
    4) Clay- 14:26
    5) Brandon- 16:00

    Isaiah, Rick, and Lindsey all preformed really well, too!  A big thanks to Brian for filming the event and to Damien and Hayley for snapping photos along the way and at the finish.

The Vertic-Ale crew!

    After the main event, many of us ran a few more miles on the trails before descending the mountain once again only to be greeted by a scrumptious cookout prepared by Tim and Lindsey!


  1. Great write up Jon and an even better performance on race day!

  2. Ha! Thanks Rick! Great job, once again, for throwing everything together to actualize the dream!